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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pregnant AND Comfortable?

Those two words just don't go together very well, especially when describing the morning sickness of the first trimester or the bulkiness of the third. One of my biggest complaints during pregnancy was trying to get comfortable enough to sleep at night.

I wish I had heard of the dreamgenii three years ago when I was pregnant with Joe. With back pain and feeling much like a beached whale while trying to position myself in bed I got very little sleep.

dreamgenii wants all pregnant women out there to know that there are ways to make your pregnancy more comfortable. They sent one of their pillows to prove their point.
My disclaimer is that I am not pregnant (though with the help of chocolate and ice cream I suppose I could appear that way at times!). I well remember the feeling of being pregnant though so am basing my review on that.

First of all, I love the back support cushion. This is something that is helpful to me now as ever since my first pregnancy I get back pain. With my knees positioned on the pillow and the back support I find that this pillow reduces my back pain...so I imagine it would do wonders for pregnancy induced back aches and pains as well.

The pillow is neither too hard nor too soft. Throughout my previous pregnancies I used one of those large body pillows that can be bought at Wal-Mart but found it too squishy and soft to be of much help. Plus, unlike those giant body pillows this pillow is more compact while still being supportive. It also allows you to roll over in bed along with the pillow, instead of making you reposition it each time you need to move. Total bonus there!

We all know that side sleeping is the ideal position for a pregnant woman and this pillow promotes that position, while making it more comfortable to do so.
It is useful for after pregnancy as a feeding support pillow. And as I'm finding out...can make sleeping more comfortable when you aren't even pregnant.

Ready to get one of your own? Check out dreamgenii or leave a comment stating your biggest pregnancy peeve. Two lucky readers will win a dreamgenii of their own! Earn an extra entry or two by tweeting or putting this post up on your Facebook (and leave an extra comment telling me you did so). Winners will be drawn at noon on Tuesday, May 31st. Good Luck!


  1. NicholsRanch.........I was on bed rest during my pregnancies and had to keep laying on my left side. There's no way to get comfortable! Also my feet were swollen so had to put them on pillows and I had terrible heartburn so the head had to go up. Do you know how hard it is to even begin to get comfy like that?...Impossible. I sleep with a "huggy" pillow, and when hubby goes out of town I put one on either side of me and don't have to wake up to roll over (not having to transfer my huggy from one side to the other). I've never heard of this but think it sounds wonderful. I also tried the body pillows that are only good to use as a cushion on your rocking chair.
    I'm thinking after looking at it that EVERY pregnant woman DOES need one, and maybe just every woman!!
    I'll add this to my fb page also Elizabeth!

  2. I would say my biggest pregnancy "pet peeve" would be morning sickness that doesn't quit even when it's not "morning".


  3. My daughter is on bed rest now. She is trying to maintain this pregnancy after suffering two miscarriages. She would love this.

    One of my pet peeves about being pregnant was trying to get comfortable and heartburn! Put them together and it spells misery! Nothing worse than heartburn and a baby kicking inside you all night long. Ughhhh.

    Definitely going to post on Facebook Elizabeth!

  4. My biggest pet peeve about being preggo is the food aversions. The things I used to love make me sick to my stomach, I hate that!

    I would love a dreamgenii, I'm not pregnant now, but I'm hoping I will be in the next year or so!

  5. NicholsRanch...........I posted on FaceBook!

  6. Pregnancy peeve is heartburn for me! I'm not currently pregnant but my sister in law is and I would love to win this for her :)

  7. My biggest pet peeve of being pregnant would have to be heartburn... I can't seem to get rid of it!

  8. My biggest pet peeve is how hard it can be to get pregnant and stay pregnant. We are working on #2, and have been for awhile, after a loss last year. I envy people who get to be concerned about constipation and the like.

  9. I don't think it's a pet peeve, but morning/nigh sickness (I have both), dreams and not being able to sleep the whole night are top for me @ the moment.

  10. Oh man, I need one of these so badly! I'm 24 weeks pregnant now and sleep with 3 pillows... sigh. Getting comfortable at night and the darn heartburn are the biggest pet peeves of mine!

  11. I had back pain when I was pregnant and so now I still have it. That was one of my peeves along with the morning sickness.


  12. I have followed your story having found it from another web site and pray often for your family.
    I wanted you to know that I admire your courage during Jacob's time of need and give kudos to him for being so strong through all of this. You are an amazing MOM!! The pillow sounds like something I would sleep with...even in my 50's. heh
    thanks for being real :)



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