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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

S.O.S Challenge

I haven't done a good job taking photos of the items I have purged, but I have continued on with my challenge (rid the house of at least 5 items a day).

I have a reuseable bag that I keep in my closet and as I find items to sell I stick them in there. I have managed to fill it three times in the past two weeks to take to my aunt's consignment shop. 

I also dropped a box of toys off at the charity shop in town before they closed for the winter and another stuffed garbage bag of clothes to the clothes closet at the church (where they give out clothing for free to families in need). I didn't count each item but guesstimate that it is well over 100 items total. 100 things. Out. Of. The. House.

It feels good. As I mentioned before, we hope to buy a house with some land in the future and pairing down now will help us in the long run when we want to put the house on the market and when we get to the actual point of packing and moving. 

35 items a week. Donated, thrown away, or sold. It's really not a hard challenge, and I want to continue this trend until I've paired down to an organized, simplified house. Still a long way to go! :)

Rude Dude's Book of Food

Fun, crazy, comic-like books are all the rage with kids these days. Our house is filled with Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Baby Mouse, and the like so I figured that the Rude Dude's Book of Food by Tim J. Myers would be a bit hit as well. I was not disappointed.

Rebecca read this within 24 hours and said "Did he write any other books?" Yep, she enjoyed it!

What I like best about this book is not only is it funny and interesting but it also teaches you A LOT about food! Everything from food advertising, where chocolate comes from and how it evolved to the yummy treat we know it for today, and so much more.

For an adult it's a little like reading a book written by someone with ADD...it jumps around a lot. But, I think that is why kids like these types of books, especially boys. It follows their line of thinking. Fun and educational is always welcome in our house!

Disclaimer: This book was sent by Familius in exchange for my honest review.  

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Tables in the Wilderness

I had high hopes for this book, by Preston Yancey, but just couldn't get into it. In fact, I stopped reading about 1/4 way into it as I was muddling my way through the pages and then just realized "I don't care about reading any more!".

I hate to give a book a bad review, because something I dislike may be another person's favorite book. The fact is, maybe I just didn't need a book like this in my point in life. This book is about growing up in a religious family, then loosing the sense of God in early adulthood, and finally finding Him again. This would be a good book for someone who is feeling that silence from God and having doubts. 

The issue for me is that the book reads more like a blog than a book, which isn't a problem except for the fact that it was so disjointed that I couldn't follow along. Good for blog posts, maybe, but not a book where one wants to read a continual story.

Also, while Preston is a good writer he tries to be too poetic, describing things in too much detail. I wanted to scream "Just get to the point already!". Sometimes less really is more.

Disclaimer: This book was given to me by BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.

Shark Tank Meets Main Street

Whenever I've caught an episode of Shark Tank I am always enthralled by it. I love seeing the business ideas people come up with - some are laughable and some are awesome! It helps you get into the minds behind products and also helps you see things from a business perspective.

U.S. Cellular has partnered with Shark Tank to create "Shark Tank Meets Main Street" to support small businesses. U.S. Cellular brought casting calls to three major cities in America and are now hosting a contest called Shadow Shark Tank, where one lucky winner will be able to "look into the shark tank" (fly to LA to sit in a VIP seat to watch the pitch process, eat dinner with the cast, and pick their brains about business).

For those Shark Tank fans, you can also visit here to learn more about behind the scenes casting process, what happens to the businesses that have been funded, and more! 

And don't forget, if you haven't spoken to your children/teens about cell phone usage, safety, and etiquette, now is the perfect time to print out the parent/child agreement and have a heart to heart talk with them.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by U.S. Cellular Blogger Brigade. All opinions are my own. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


*Today I am thankful for my mama, who wrote through her grief and are helping others through theirs. Her book, Refined By Fire (by Mary Potter Kenyon), was released yesterday!!!
*I'm thankful to everyone who came out to celebrate at the book launch party! It was a wonderful mixture of people and I knew it was something my dad would have organized had he been here. 
*I'm thankful for all the guys who came out to the Winthrop Library in celebration of Star Wars Reads Day, but also in memory of Jacob. All of them are awesome people!

*I'm thankful that my brother and his girlfriend (and their doggie) are okay after their house had an electrical fire last night. We are still waiting to hear the extent of the damage; this was my Grandma's house so holds many memories to us all. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

Saturday was warm and sunny and just too nice to stay inside. So that means we headed to the pumpkin patch.
Climbing the hay bales, sliding, tire swings, hay rides...
Pictures with their new friend Gus (this picture cracks me up - I have no idea what Joe was pointing at and Amy was staring at!)
Amy picked out a pumpkin the perfect size for her.

The kids just love it and are already begging to go back this week. We shall choose a day when school is in session so that we have the place to ourselves! :)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

October IPSY Review

I always get excited when I see the pink IPSY mailer in my mailbox each month!

The theme this month is "Beauty Candy" and the colors are just brillant!
Each month there are about 20 variations of products and your bag will contain 4-5 of those.
This month my bag contained:

*Ecru acacia Protein BB Cream for hair (Can't wait to try this out!)

*Jesse's Girl Mineralized Baked Powder Eye Shower (what a beautiful color!)

*Figs & Rouge Hand Cream (love this!)

*City Color Be Matte Lipstick in Cappuccino

*Skyn Iceland Cleansing Cloths (love having these on hand!)

*An awesome makeup bag

I was so happy with this month. At just $10 a month it's an amazing way to experience different types of beauty products on a budget. And a fun little surprise each month! 

Disclaimer: Referral link included in post.


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