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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why Would Anyone Read About Your Life?

That is what my husband asked the other day. I had been telling him the stats of my blog and how I have about 200 readers a day and 45 google reader subscribers. And he just flat out asked "Why would anyone read about your life?" Uh...

I asked what he meant and he replied with "Well, you are just a mom." If looks could kill...

He started to back pedal the moment he saw my expression and went on to say "I mean, you know, there are more interesting things to read about than the day to day happenings of a mother." Too late buddy, you are just digging yourself deeper and deeper.

But you know what, it did get me to thinking. I do have close to 200 readers a day. Only about 10 of those are people that I know, so that means that an average of 190 people find me interesting enough to visit each day. Why? Who are you and why do you find my blog worthy of reading?

Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that complete strangers find my words interesting enough to read. Whether you agree with me or not on certain issues I find your comments fascinating. But I wonder, what makes me fascinating enough to draw you in?

Believe me, I will be sharing your comments with my hubby.


  1. Stay at home moms NEED a community! I am so thankful for blogger because I can share my life with other moms who know what it's like... and I can learn from them as well. I love that you're someone who I can see myself being similar to in 5 years or so... you got married young like me, and started having children young, like me. I love reading blogs like yours because I can get tips, glean wisdom, and connect with other mommies! I haven't been subscribing to your blog for very long (just a couple days) but I was attracted to your topic about young marriage, and got sucked in ;) You seem like the kind of mom I would want to learn from! And it's enjoyable to read what you have to write. Tell your husband, he obviously doesn't understand how incredibly interesting your life REALLY is! Maybe he should start reading your blog to find out! ;)

  2. Hello Mr. Elizabeth,

    First of all, I have an extra shovel for you if you'd like to try digging yourself out of that hole you're in. :) Your hole can be right next to my husband's hole...for the record. :) I'm a new follower to your wife's blog. First of all, your wife is active in other communities online and has a great Christ-centered presence there. That's when I decided to check out her blog as "someone I'd want to get to know more." Then, I read her flouride post and it hit home as that is also something I struggle with daily. I figured we had a lot in common, so I'm reading. Being "JUST A MOM" is tough work - something MY husband said he could never do all day long without going absolutely crazy. We moms, well, we stick together. We support each other, learn from each other, and life each other up. It's fun to read other's blogs and meet new people without having to drag the kids out or spend lots of money socializing.

  3. I have to agree with Claire. Although I don't have as much in common such as getting married and having babies young (I was married at 25, TTC for 6+ years and became pregnant with my first son and had him at 32 and am currently pregnant with my 2nd baby at age 34), you are a mom...just like me!

    I can read your blog and know that I am not alone, that someone else has experienced or is experiencing something similar. I hopefully gain other readers to my blog who can read my entries and make comments that say.."Oh I've been there or this is what worked for me!"

    I've not been a follower for long, just a few days myself and I've thoroughly appreciated much of the insight in many of your entries.

    And to echo Sandy Hop...it is a way to support one another, learn from each other and meet new people. Being a stay at home mom can be very lonely at times. Especially when there is no one else home to have a conversation with over the age of 1 year!

    So I too think perhaps Mr. Elizabeth should sit down and have a read...and he too will realize just how interesting your life is!

  4. I started reading your blog because you are Mary's daughter. My youngest child is older than you, so it's possible I'm the oldest of your followers. I disagree, can't relate or don't understand almost all of what your write about, BUT I still find you interesting and that's why I keep reading. "Mr. Elizabeth" needs an attitude adjusment. I'm still upset with him over the fact that he nevers gives you flowers and was just about shamed into it from your members. To say someone is just a mom is insulting. I think another bouquet or a piece of jewerly is in order! Keep doing what you're doing, you're darn good at it.

  5. Can I be lazy and just ditto everyone else? I love reading your blog. Don't know why. Just do! :)

  6. I read blogs because every mom has her own take. As for why I'm reading your blog, I just found it.

  7. Hi, Beth! Well, I enjoy reading about your life because it is alot like mine and I can relate to many of the things you go through on a daily basis. However, I also like that you delve into some deep issues and are not afraid to say what you think about things. Very refreshing, I must say! :)It's interesting to read everyone's thoughts and comments, too. Keep up with the writing! I think we need some new pictures of the kids, too. :)

  8. Elizabeth, I have followed your mom and you for quite some time. I have subscribed to RC for the last 18 years. I always liked your mom's style of writing. I follow her blogsite and yours everyday that I can. Keep up the good work!!


  9. I found your blog through your mom's, I subscribe to RC.

  10. As your maid-of-honor from way back when I kind of feel like I need to follow your blog.... And I'm in a similar situation. My husband doesn't seem to understand how lonely it can be not talking to adults for a while, though he gets a taste of the stress involved a couple times a weeks when I go to work. However, I don't read your blog for all the things I agree with, but the things I disagree with. A different point of view is refreshing at times and helps broaden the mind.



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