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Monday, January 18, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Yesterday, for the first time in almost two years, it was not I who was able to be alone with my husband and go on a date! We did not talk non-stop in the van and were not able to browse in a bookstore without children hanging on us or pulling books off the shelves. I did not see a mother who reminded me of myself, with three children who were causing a ruckus and wouldn't let her shop and I did not think "How dare you bring children into a bookstore, this should be a place of peace!" (Seriously, I'm just kidding on that one!)

We did not enjoy a romantic meal of McDonald's food (hey, we were pressed for time!) We did not do a quick shopping trip at Walmart and then talk non-stop on the way way home as well. We did not realize that we need to do this A LOT more and how stupid we were by not doing this sooner.


  1. saturday night when we went out, we did not stop for ketchup

  2. How funny that you went to a "kid restaurant" on your date with no kids. Sounds like something I would do...and have done! Great post...

  3. Good morning, Beth! Reading this reminded me that I also need to get out with my husband...we are trying for once a month. Not easy with three little ones, but worth the effort. It's important not to let the marriage get lost in the shuffle of every day life. Glad you had a nice time. Have a blessed week! --Dee <3



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