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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday's Topic: End of the World?

Is this weekend the end of the world? You can read more about this group at Daily Mail to get the full story. (No, I don't believe this, but would love to get your thoughts!)


  1. Any religion or organization that preaches the date of the end of the world is not a Christian organization; the Bible clearly tells us that not even the angels in Heaven will know when the world ends.

    I think this stunt is just a way for this group to gain attention; won't they feel dumb when this date comes and passes and they have egg on their face.

  2. From what I read, many really believe it. So Sad. They gave up marriages, family to go out and preach this. No man knows the hour, not even Jesus when he was on earth. But any one who studies the bible know that certain things must come to pass before the end of this end and the return of Christ. Of course if one was to die on this weekend it is the end of the world as far they know it. Next moment they are standing before God.

    So in a way, the world could end for any of us, as none of us know how long we shall live. thus, we need to live every day with passion and Compassion. ;-)



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