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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lost Stuff

It's going to be HOT this week so today I've been working on organizing the bedrooms and office so that we are able to put our window air conditioner units in. How lucky those of you who have central air are...not having to pull out the heavy units in fall or put them back in each year. We are sticking them in a bit earlier this year because not only is it fore casted to be 90 degrees tomorrow but also because with Jacob going through chemo he seems to be much more sensitive to the heat and humidity. Last week when it became humid he complained of feeling dizzy and having a headache. Better have those air conditioners ready for the heat tomorrow. Which reminds me, I also better get the van to the mechanic soon to get the air fixed in it - Jacob won't do well on those long car rides this summer in the heat.

Back to the organizing which I was doing in the bedrooms. I was able to find two grocery bags of garbage to throw away: broken toys, pieces of paper, holey socks. I realized a long time ago that I am tired of all this stuff but never went full force to get rid of it all. Don't get me wrong, when we have garage sales I manage to fill 9 huge boxes with items and sell almost all of it, which clears out some things. I take bags to Goodwill or bags of items to my aunt's consignment shop to sell but there is still so much stuff that is driving me crazy.

As June arrives next week so will the beginning of my minimalist journey. I am paring down our items and getting rid of things that we don't truly need or love. I'm going to take photos of the boxes and bags that we get rid of and will be posting about my progress. My goal (which has to be realistic) is getting one garbage bag of stuff out of the house per week, as long as it takes until we are in our happy place. Wish me luck!


  1. Elizabeth:
    I am on the exact same mission. My husband is a saver or just doesn't want to go through the effort to get rid of something. I just got him to agree to get rid of two folding lawn chairs that were a gift 10 years ago and used only a couple of times, due to discomfort! Good luck!

  2. I am doing the same. In the last few weeks, I have given bags and bags of unwanted and duplicate "stuff" to Vietnam Veterans and thrown a lot of junk away. It feels so cleansing. Much more to go though.



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