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Thursday, May 5, 2011


Today marks our 10th wedding anniversary! It sounds like a long time (especially considering I am just 28!) but it feels like I've known Ben much longer.

I remember when I got engaged at age 18. People told me I was too young. People told me that I didn't know him well enough. Some people told me I would be divorced within a few years (and my brother thinks he's rarely wrong?! lol). The truth was, I was young but I think no matter the age, you know when you've met the right one.

We wanted to do something special for our 10th anniversary. We decided to go somewhere a few days early so dropped the kids off at my parent's house on Monday and hit the road.

We arrived in Galena, IL in time for lunch and had a lovely lunch at the Victory Cafe. We strolled downtown after lunch and peeked into each adorable storefront. I had to snap this picture below of a real dog for Becca as she loves dogs and it was just too cute to pass by!
The downtown is so quaint. The street curves and is lined by flags while the sidewalk is lined with paved bricks. The stores themselves are unique and just opening the old door to some stores transport you to another time period. This is what a downtown should be like!
We spent all afternoon touring the shops and though we barely spent a dime we had a wonderful time looking around at a leisurely pace, something that we haven't been able to do since having kids 7 years ago (I can literally count on one hand the times we have been shopping together without children!). We stopped at a winery and sampled some wine and picked up a couple bottles of our favorite, which we will enjoy this evening with some cheese, grapes, and strawberries and a movie.
It was a lovely, relaxing day together. We ended our evening at a steakhouse where we enjoyed (our first ever) margaritas, yummy steak, and a decadent dessert to share. On the way home we reveled in the beautiful sunset, which was a glorious ending to a glorious day!
Happy Anniversary, Honey!

By the way, don't forget to sign up for the drawing, which ends tomorrow!


  1. Happy Anniversary! I am very happy for you both! Galena is the neatest town! I loved it.

  2. Happy anniversary!! I love this: "No matter the age, you know when you've met the right one." Couldn't agree more :)

  3. Happy Anniversary Ben and Beth!! It's so wonderful that you two got the day to yourselves! It's always so refreshing to have just time for a husband wife day! Hooorrhhhaaa! Have a great day and many more wonderful years together!

  4. Happy Anniversay. So glad you got a chance to get away together. Alone time for couples is very important. As far as age goes, well I think the odds are probably against people who marry real young, but you can make a mistake at 18 or make a mistake at 35. It all depends on the couple. My sister was 19 when she got married to a guy that she only knew 4 months. Our family was not impressed with him at all and my mother was really upset. I told her not worry because it wouldn't last a year. I think it's lasted around 32 years!! Shows how much I knew. Sharon

  5. Happy Anniversary! We just celebrated our seventh anniversary just four days ago. Being married is an amazing gift. I enjoyed your day in pictures!

  6. Happy Anniversary! I don't comment often but am always checking in on Jacob. I didn't know you lived in IL. I lived in the NW suburbs for 7 years, 5 in Algonquin. Can you believe I never visited Galena? I am glad you enjoyed your day! Happy Anniversary!

  7. Jen, we may or *may not* live in IL. Actually, I try to keep our exact location a bit vague because I know there are some crazy blog stalkers out there. Not that I'm interesting enough to be stalked, but you can never be too careful! :)

  8. Happy Anniversary! My husband and I dated for three years and then married at ages 19 and 20. We are about to celebrate 12 years in a month. As far as the too young comment. Maybe. It depends so much on the person. Some people are not mature enough to get married at 40! Anyway Happy Anniversary I am so glad you got a day to yourselves!



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