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Monday, May 16, 2011

2nd CT Scan

I finally got tired of waiting for the CT scan results today and called the clinic to find out if the verdict was in yet. One of our favorite nurses answered and read the scan results out loud. Though most of the medical terms sounded like mumbo jumbo to me I asked if the tumors in the lungs were gone and she said that there was no mention of nodules on the scan notes. She only mentioned the thickening of the bottom lung area and abdomen area, which is common after surgery and radiation.

I asked if the doctor would review them and give me a call this week or if I'll just talk to him on Friday when in clinic. She said "This shows good results so Friday should do fine." So while I do not know everything about the test I can say that there were no red flags on the scan and it sounds like things are going well and as expected. I will know the full details on Friday but it sounds like so far so good!


  1. I am happy to hear that you heard the results. I will be praying for Friday and more good news!

  2. Praising God for good results & hopefully more good news on Friday too! God is Good!!

  3. Thank God for the good news so far. I know Friday will seem like an eternity away but am praying that you receive confirmation that all is going well.

  4. Wonderful! Praise God for nice nurses that answer the phone and help! :)



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