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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thankful Tuesday

No, this isn't a new theme day, just a Tuesday that has started off in a good way. At the moment I am enjoying the aroma of the roast which is in the oven and will soon get the ingredients popped into the bread maker (which was $5 at a garage sale last summer and looks brand new!) so we will have fresh bread with supper.

This morning has started off busy and the rest of the day will continue on that same track, with several household chores needing to be done and then arriving early at my TOPS meeting tonight to learn my new job there as weight recorder.

The highlight of my day? The big reason I am thankful today? My aunt owns a consignment shop in town and twice yearly she has a huge sale in order to empty out the store and start anew with the next seasons clothing. Last week all merchandise was 50% off, yesterday it was 75% off, and today was $5 a bag for anything left. I dropped my three little munchkins off at my parent's house this morning for my thirteen year old sister to babysit and my mom and I headed off to the shop. We waited outside in the cold for fifteen minutes and soon a crowd of other shoppers surrounded us waiting for the store to open as well. There is always a rush to get into the doors and warm up when they finally open up! I headed to the kid's clothing section and found just two sweatshirts for Becca for next winter as that section was really picked over. I found a couple t-shirts for Jacob and several things to store away for Joe. I was actually able to look at the adult clothing before it got too picked over and found a couple sweatshirts and several pairs of jeans for myself...even a pair of "Seven" jeans which fit. I was able to get a small pile of books for the kids and an adorable Discovery Toys wooden airplane rocker for Joe. All this for $10! The jeans that I picked up that ended up not fitting me can go in the next garage sale and maybe I'll even make my $10 back by selling them! So I am thankful to find such good deals and get things that my family needs at amazing prices. I am also excited about them re-opening in a few days with all new spring merchandise!

As a reminder, this is the time of year when most consignment shops are having big sales so don't forget to call the ones near you to see what their sales are. Maybe you will even end up finding out about a bag sale in your area.


  1. Wanted you to know I completely agree with your post on BF re: MckMama going to Kenya. She needs to be at home with her 4 kids, and the supposed 5th on the way. I think she is actually being selfish by going. Your blog is cool by the way!

  2. That is really something to be thankful for....GREAT JOB!!!!




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