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Monday, January 11, 2010

Not Me! Monday

When our temperatures outside reached 15 degrees above zero for the first time in weeks I did not usher our whole family outdoors to play. I did not allow my children to go without snowpants and real boots because they didn't want to wear them, for the sole fact that I kept telling myself that 15 degrees is a heatwave compare to what we have been having, and that they didn't need them to stay warm.

When I noticed that my 20 month old was nursing less and less I did not decide last week that it was time to wean and actually manage to go for close to 48 hours of not nursing with zero tears, only to cave because he was being so good and I felt sorry for him! Isn't that the way that weaning is supposed to go?! It isn't I who was so ready to wean for months, only to miss it when I stopped. What a weirdo!

I was not the one wrestling our 120 pound dog to the ground trying to get her nails trimmed. She does not hate getting them trimmed with a passion and I have not put it off for much too long because of the fact that it is such an unpleasant task. I did not almost win the wrestling event only to have her get away with one nail untrimmed. That nail is not driving me crazy every time I see it, and I am not too tired to try to get the job finished. I think this chore should be a paid entertainment event; if I got paid to do it I may find it worth it!

How has your week been going?


  1. my boy weaned himself at 9 months. I had to headlock him everytime we tried to nurse. finally, i just let it be. sad and glad at the same time.

    happy not me monday! great post!

  2. good times! I am imagining the dog wrestling right now - very entertaining!

  3. I am having flashbacks of a similar experience with my dog...he is not that big but turns into Cujo when you attempt to cut nails or clip him. That is now why I pay money to have my dog done! haha Great Not Me's!

  4. Yeah girl, start charging admission on toe nail trimming day.LOL

  5. Our daughter was in the NICU for 6 weeks and I pumped. I still (4 years later ) have 4 bags of breast milk in my freezer. I can not bring myself to throw it away.



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