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Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Prayers Are With Haiti

I can not believe what I am seeing on the news coverage about the earthquake in Haiti. It truly is mind boggling and horrendous. I ignored the coverage the first few days after the earthquake happened and didn't even realize how big and serious it was. On Thursday I watched some footage of the scene and was saddened, sickened, and angry. Last night I saw more coverage and at this point am trying to stay away from the news because it is upsetting me and I feel helpless. Imagine how those in Haiti are feeling...the rescue workers, the ones who still have loved ones buried in the wreckage, the ones who are still buried alive, the injured, the homeless. It is overwhelming and impossible for us to imagine the emotions and feelings that are happening in Haiti.

The pictures of the injured children are especially tugging at my heartstrings and my only question right now is why? Why did this have to happen to a population that has already been battling such tremendous odds stacked against them. People who have already lived their life in such hardship. Why does God allow such pain and sorrow and why do some people never get even a little break? It is something that I can't even begin to wrap my mind around right now.

I am praying for Haiti right now. Praying that those in pain can get some comfort. Praying that those who are still buried and alive can be rescued or or at least have a sense of peace. Praying that those who lost everything and everyone can cope somehow.

It shows us to never take for granted anything...everyday of being healthy, having our loved ones with us, or having food and a home is a blessing. Today, I think, shows us how lucky we are. And please pray for those who are not as lucky.

For those who can do more than just pray, please consider making a donation in any amount to any of the charities that can help those in need. One of the many good organizations is Compassion International.

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  1. The majority of Haitians are Catholic, yet 75% of them also practice Voodoo. It's very sad and tragic what has happened there, but the God who loves and sustains us knows better than we can ever imagine. If He allowed something of that magnitude to happen He obviously had a higher purpose.



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